Variety exhibition in the Netherlands


From Wednesday the 5th to Friday the 7th November, Erik, Jesper and I were in Holland to the variety exhibition. This is an annual event where almost all the breeder companies and breeders are involved, it also means that there are many people from the whole industry present these days.

We should first and foremost around to the breeder companies, which we feel makes the most in the crisps segment. It is also those who have had varieties in our trials. We could tell about our experiences during the season about how the different varieties had behaved under the Danish conditions, and of course on yields and quality. We also looked at possible new varieties to our trial for next year. There was not some revolutionary news in the crisps segment, but we saw some that we hope have the potential for future breeding.

Above, you can see how Meijer profiles Lady Britta as a potato suitable for sandy soils. Below is a picture from Agrico’s exhibition, there is always many people here at lunch time, because they serve potatoes prepared in different ways with gravy and meatballs.