Storing season is ended

On friday November 16th we ended storing of the last potatoes from stack. We can look back on a storing season that have stretched over a longer period, given more work, bigger speculations and more troubles than ever seen before in this company.

During the storing season we had to take out parts only a few days after they where stored, which were giving more work and extra costs.

The storing season ended far different from what we expected when we started it, regarding the way we did things, the result we got, and the time it took.

But we must say when we look into our storehouses today, it was worth the effort. The durability looks fine in most parts. And the questionable parts are so few and good that we can get through them in a reasonable way.

At the moment there is plenty to do in the production. There are still some things left from the installing of the machinery for washing and grading this summer, which is not running smooth yet, but we hope that now when storing season is ended, we can also get the last things regarding the machinery ended, as parts of, is supported by EU and the Danish ministry of food.