Seed potatoes

For many years Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S has had its own affiliated seed potato growers which allows us to set much higher demands than normally in seed potato production. Since we demand our own potato growers to use new certified seeds every year, we receive the best possible seed potato quality.

Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S represents Meijer’s crisp potato varieties in Denmark, they include Lady Rosetta, Lady Claire and Lady Britta, they are all good varieties for industrial and crisps production. Besides those variaties, we also represents the crisping variety Kiebitz in Skandinavia.

Kiebitz is a crisping variety from Norex-Norika, it´s durability in the storing period is exceptionel and it has a good quality. Kiebitz has nicely round tubers, white flesh colour, high drymatter and an even yield, and it has a very nice crisping colour throughout the season.

Lady Rosetta develops a high drymatter and a low level of sugar early in the season, this makes Lady Rosetta ideal. starting from early season until the storing period begins. Lady Rosetta is red skinned with yellow flesh, nicely round tubers and a high yield.

Lady Claire is an ideal variety for storing – it has a good colour for crisping throughout the whole storing period and it can be stored at lower temperatures than for example Saturna. Lady Claire has yellow skin with light yellow flesh, nicely oval tubers and a high yield.

Lady Britta has a brilliant colour in the harvesting season and a good durability through storage. The color can be a challenge during the storage period. The variety has yellow skin with nicely oval tubers, a high yield and a very good sorting quality.

Along with those varieties Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S also sell several other varieties for different production branches.