Organic crisp potatoes

Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S has more than 20 years of experience in providing organic crisp potatoes. This has given us unique knowledge about growing, handling and storing organic potatoes.

We have our own affiliated organic crisp potato suppliers which allow us to deliver high quality organic potatoes almost all year round.

Depending on customer needs we can deliver washed and optically sorted organic potatoes as well as unwashed directly from the field or warehouse. It is also possible to deliver potatoes in big-bags if delivery in bulk is not preferred.

The company keeps records of all the deliveries made – which truck was transporting the potatoes, where exactly in the warehouse were they stored as well as which grower supplied them and from which field. Likewise we collect all data on how the potatoes are treated throughout the cultivation process.

For organic crisp production we mainly offer potato varieties Lady Rosetta and Saturna, both of them are well suited for producing organic crisps.

You can see our latest organic documentation here.

Link to The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration list, that verifies our status.