Chips potatoes

At Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S we have 30 years of experience in receiving potatoes from suppliers as well as delivering them to crisps making companies. This has given us a unique knowledge about growing, handling and storing chips potatoes.

Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S has regular suppliers both in Denmark and in Germany which enables us to deliver high quality potatoes all year.

We have good experience in delivering small as well as big quantities for both planned and sudden needs.

Depending on customer needs we can deliver washed and optically sorted crisp potatoes as well as potatoes directly from field or warehouse. We can also deliver in big-bags if delivery in bulk is not preferred.

The company keeps records of all the deliveries made – which truck was transporting the potatoes, where exactly in the warehouse were they stored as well as which grower supplied them and from which field. Likewise we collect all data on how the potatoes are treated throughout the cultivation process.

In the months of July and August we mainly use the variety Lady Rosetta which early achieves a high level of starch and low level of sugar. In September and October we deliver various crisp potato varieties, because they all work well at this time. For the rest of the year, when we deliver from the storage, we mainly deliver Kiebitz, Lady Claire, Lady Britta and Verdi due to their good storage qualities.

Every year we additionally have both small and large scale trials for testing new potato varieties to constantly be in the leading position in the industry in help to optimize the profit of both supplier and customer.