General meeting

General meeting in Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S were held friday 07.09.12.

The board and the directors report focused primarily on the recently completed investment of almost 26 million and the 5 year strategic plan that is established by the Board. There were only positive responses to the company’s 5-year strategic plan.

There was a very positive atmosphere and expressed great satisfaction with the years result that has according to the adopted annual report for 2011/2012 showed a profit of DKK 1,975,413 after tax. The result should be seen in light of a very difficult storage season and relatively low prices on the free market. At the same time were made ​​extraordinary depreciation of more than 1.2 million. because of the demolition of 3 older operating buildings.

It was decided to authorize the Board to increase the share capital by a nominal amount DKK 275,000, as part of its growth strategy.

The Board remains unchanged, which was re-elected all.