Organic Chips potatoes

The company keeps records of all the deliveries made

Organic Chips potatoes

At Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S, we have up to 20 years of experience with deliveries of organic potato chips. This has given us unique knowledge about breeding, handling and storing these.

We have our own permanently affiliated suppliers of organic potato chips, which enables us to deliver a high quality almost all year round.

The organic potato chips are usually delivered washed and optically sorted. They can also be delivered unsorted and unwashed directly from the field or warehouse, depending on what the individual customer wants. It is also possible for us to deliver in big-bags, if this is preferred, rather than bulk goods.

There is full traceability of all deliveries all the way back in the system. Which cars have transported, which location the potatoes have had in the warehouse, as well as which grower has grown them and on which field. We also collect all data on how the potatoes have been treated throughout the growing process.

The primary varieties we use for organic chip production are Lady Rosetta, Astra and Saturna, all of which are suitable for organic chip production.

You can see our latest ecology statement by clicking here.

Link to the Danish Food Agency’s list of organically controlled companies.