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Our history

1986:The business is founded by Erik Bech Thorsen and later converted into a company.
1991:The company’s first major warehouse is built with a capacity of 4,000 ton.
1998:Thorsens Chipskartofler ApS becomes owned by a number of major potato suppliers.
2002:Thorsens Chipskartofler ApS invests in a washing plant with a maximum capacity of 25 ton/hour.
2007:Warehouse storage is increased to a capacity of 11,000 ton.
2008:Washing and sorting facilities are renewed and thereby their capacity is increased to a maximum of 50 ton/hour.
2009:Thorsens Chipskartofler ApS is transformed from a limited liability company into a public limited company (Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S). The company makes a land use plan and thereby ensures further development for both production and storage purposes. Warehouse storage is increased to a capacity of 23,000 ton.
2010:A new building of 1.000m2 is built containing 800m2 storing of spare parts and 200m2 in two floors for administration.
2012:New washing - and delivering building is built, so the sorting capacity is increased to approx. 60 ton/hour and capacity of the delivering system is increased from 70 ton/hour to 180 ton/hour.

Start of new daughter company Thorsens Chipskartofler GmbH, which will handle the quality part of the processes in South Europe.

New building is built for handling and washing organic crisp- peel- and peeling potatoes. Storage capacity of 5,800 tonnes in boxes. Sorting line with a capacity of 60 ton per hour and 30 ton / hour washing / sorting.
2021:A new bulk storage is built with a storage capacity of 12,000 ton. The total storage capacity is now around 40.000 ton.