Seed potato 2024

The seed potato season is in full on and we are enjoying it.
Well over half of this year's seed potatoes have been sold and in a season like this, when there is a shortage, we use every single one.
We handle around 8,000 tonnes of seed potatoes annually, which takes place over a relatively short period of time.

Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S represents various varieties in Scandinavia, which you can read more about via the following link:
The seed potatoes will soon be in the ground and we are looking forward to following their development in the ground and seeing what they contribute to the coming season.

Last week the 18th we attended the Internationaler Berliner Kartoffelabend.

An evening where approximately 500 people from the industry are gathered.
So there is always ample opportunity to spar with both growers, dealers, customers and others in the industry.

In the days after, Fruit Logistica is held, where many potato companies are also to be found.

All in all a good few days in Berlin.

On Friday, we held a grower meeting for our conventional suppliers. There was a great turnout, including a few new faces.

Last season's challenges in the field were reviewed, as well as the statistics.

We had also invited a Global G.A.P. consultant in to inform our growers about the new version, which starts here in 2024.

After various professional presentations, a small part of the growers went through the warehouses.

We appreciate the suppliers' enthusiasm and our good cooperation.
Yesterday we held our annual Christmas party for the employees.
True to tradition with mulled wine and apple slices and wished all the colleagues a Merry Christmas.

We wish all customers and business partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We thank you for the good cooperation and look forward to next year.

Yesterday we held this year’s grower meeting for ecologists. Almost all of our faithful ecologists were represented.

The year’s progress in the field and final results were reviewed and at the same time we had invited a Global G.A.P. consultant to inform our suppliers about the new version, which will come in 2024. We appreciate a good turnout and the great commitment of the suppliers.

About 3 weeks ago, the last load was loaded into our warehouse in Sunds.

All warehouses are full and the corridors have also been put into use, but only with a small amount.

Our warehouses should preferably be kept completely closed until we reach the new year.

In the coming weeks, we will have used the last Lady Britta, which is in stock at our growers, and only then will we open our warehouses.

The quality of the potatoes in storage generally looks reasonable, despite a challenging season.

We look forward to following the potatoes until summer, when the last ones are usually send out.

Again this year, we have our normal trial fields, where variety trials are carried out in both chip, edible and potato-free varieties.
This year we have incl. measuring varieties 26 varieties included in the experiment.
The pictures are from planting the varieties in one of our experimental fields in Stoholm, where our Agro team Mia and Jens helped to keep track of the big puzzle.
The weather was perfect for planting potatoes and we are excited to follow the new varieties through the growing season.

Our drying containers – now with logo and ready to be used for our seed potatoes

We had a fantastic day for our Open House event on Friday 24 August 2018.
Our guess is that there were approx. 300 visitors from near and far during the day.

thanks to everyone who took the time to come by and celebrate the big day with us.

Below are some pictures from the day

In order to meet an increasing demand for organic potatoes for the chips and peeling industry, we are erecting a new building, containing a new warehouse and production plant with the aim of being able to handle the organic part of our production, as well as our peeling and French fries potatoes.
The storage capacity in the new warehouse will be 58,000 hkg. in boxes. The warehouse will be equipped with room cooling and pressurized ventilation between the boxes, which contain approx. 1800 kg per piece
The new production facility will be set up so that we can better handle peeled and French fries than we can in our current facility, as we will, among other things, have much better options for size sorting of both unwashed and washed products, so that we can better meet the wishes of our customers have. (2018)