First visit since Corona

It was nice finally to be able to welcome a big group to a tour around the company again. We appreciate when we get to show visitors around the company and tell them about our concept. We want to thank Skive and the farmers in the area for a very nice visit.

Grower meeting 2021

Finally we could meet again.
Therefore Thorsens Chipskartofler had invited all their growers to a grower meeting.
Erik Thorsen explained about the new things that have happened in the company and also how the market is looking.
Then Torben Nielsen explained about handling and drying regarding the harvest.
After this there was a tour around the company where the new storage building was inspected and we saw the production while it was washing and sorting potatoes.

Then we took a trip to the trial field, where Torben talked about which varieties looks promising in the future and then there was a lot of talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the different varieties. We finished the day with a nice sandwich that was enjoyed in the lovely weather.

First new harvest of Lady Rosetta in Germany

Now the new harvest has started in Germany and from this week we will be using both new and old harvest. We expect to use 100% new harvest within the next 2 weeks.
The interesting thing about potatoes is that every year is a new season with new challenges and victories. We are excited to see what the new season will bring.

First harvest of Lady Rosetta in Germany
The old harvest, which we expect to finish within the next 2 weeks

Storage building update

The building was closed last week. Now they will begin to install the machines and finish the last installations on the ventilation systems.

Everyone is working hard at the construction site and we are looking forward to September where the building is finished.

Update on the storage building

The building will soon be closed. Unfortunately we are slowed down by delays in the delivery of panels, but we expect the storage to be completely closed in week 21. We are all following the building and it is great to see how much is happening each day. We are really happy and proud that the building continues to be within the time schedule despite the giant pressure that is on the construction industry right now. We are excited for September, where the storage will be finished.

Trial field 2021

Our agro department has now planted potatoes in our conventional trial field. This year we have 37 varieties in trial, within the 3 product segments: crisps, ware potatoes and fries. We are excited to follow the process of each variety throughout the season.
Our field trials are very interesting, because we follow all the varieties throughout the whole season, the growing period, the harvest season and the whole storing period, where the quality of the varieties are controlled 3 times more.

Ceremony for the new storage building

Friday the steel frames for the storage were put up and therefore we decided to have a little get together for all employees and the building team, where we served some cold drinks in the sun. As you can see in the last picture we also got a crown on top. The project is finally beginning to look like a storage and we are following the time schedule. The next step in the building project is to get the concrete finished and install purlins and panels. Now we just hope that the good weather has come to stay and that the project will continue to be on schedule. We want to thank Skibbild Entreprise, who are responsible for the building, for a good cooperation.

It was difficult to get a good picture of the crown, but you can see it here

Early crop Lady Rosetta

Our early crop Lady Rosetta in Germany have now been planted and covered with plastic. We hope for good weather conditions for the potatoes, so we hopefully will have a good harvest later this year.

Early crop Lady Rosetta planted and covered with plastic in Hagen.

New storage building 2021

We are beginning to see the development of the construction. The concrete around the bunker has now been cast and the concrete floor ducts are also being cast. We can see a big difference every day and we are looking forward to when the steel frames will be put up and we then can see the shape of the entire building. We expect this will happen in week 14 and we hope that the weather will be on our side.

They are filling concrete in the floor ducts
The new bunker has been cast and everything is beginning to come together

Update on the new storage building

It is time to give an update on the building of the new storage. The groundwork is now done and they have started the foundation work. We have been lucky with the weather so far and we hope this continues. We are following the building closely and will continue to give updates when its time for the next step.