New crisping potatoes

We have started with the new crop of Lady Rosetta, it´s a highlight of the year that we all are looking forward to. It’s exciting when we get all the trucks up from the southern Germany, will they arrive on time in the busy holiday traffic. At the same time there will be deliveries of potatoes from 2017 harvest in the next 2 weeks as well.

Verdi in Germany

Last week we were visiting some of our German growers. In the above picture you can see how Verdi looks in the field, you can see that they are 14 days further ahead in Germany.

Verdi is a relatively popular crisping variety in Germany because of the high drymatter and low sugar content.

The image below shows when they are sorting Verdi from the 2017 harvest in Germany.

Variety exhibition


Wednesday to Friday in week 45  Erik, Jannie and Torben were in Holland for the annual variety exhibition. This is the time of the year when all people in the potato industry are gathered in the area around Emmeloord. Variety owners and breeders open their doors and invite people in. Those who do not live in this area around Emmeloord travel and set up an exhibition to show their particular varieties.
Our agenda was mainly to visit the variety owners that we feel does the most in the crisps segment. We also looked at new upcoming varieties to our trial next year. We found a few varieties that we hope can be an option for future breeding.


Harvest in the trialfield

Forsøget optagetWednesday 28. September we harvested our trialfield. Again this year HenrikJakobsen offered us to use some of his manpower and machinery, so we could harvest the potatoes in good conditions.

New crop

IMG_6750Now we got started with the new crop from the southern Germany. This means a busy time in the production after a quiet period. We started last Friday, which is 6 days earlier than last year. The quality is quite good, although they have some big challenges with a lot of rain in this area.


Trial field 2016

Forsøg 2016

Today we planted our trial field. There are 16 varieties in the trial. Now it will be interesting to follow the potatoes during the summer, and get them harvested, weighed and measured. Then we will store them, and during the winter and spring we will test their storage characteristics and frying color.


Variety exhibition in the Netherlands


From Wednesday the 5th to Friday the 7th November, Erik, Jesper and I were in Holland to the variety exhibition. This is an annual event where almost all the breeder companies and breeders are involved, it also means that there are many people from the whole industry present these days.

We should first and foremost around to the breeder companies, which we feel makes the most in the crisps segment. It is also those who have had varieties in our trials. We could tell about our experiences during the season about how the different varieties had behaved under the Danish conditions, and of course on yields and quality. We also looked at possible new varieties to our trial for next year. There was not some revolutionary news in the crisps segment, but we saw some that we hope have the potential for future breeding.

Above, you can see how Meijer profiles Lady Britta as a potato suitable for sandy soils. Below is a picture from Agrico’s exhibition, there is always many people here at lunch time, because they serve potatoes prepared in different ways with gravy and meatballs.



Friday 25th April, we were placing our trial. This year we have 22 varieties, 5 of the varieties, are the ones we currently use in the production. 4 of the varieties, we have in larger trials out among growers. While the rest of the varieties usually are so new, that they do not even have a name yet. All the varieties are also located in KMC’s trial field, so they are tested in different soil and growing conditions.