Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S takes over the activities in Scanax International A/S

It is a satisfied board and management in Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S which can announce that Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S retroactively till March 1st 2017,
have taken over all the activities in Scanax International A/S.
The two companies have throughout the last months looked at the possibilities. It has led to the purchase of all activities in Scanax.
The activities will be carried on in a new daughter company of Thorsens
Chipskartofler A/S but with the existing name Scanax International A/S and with the same staff. Erik Thorsen will though step in as director.

You can read the full press release here

A visit from Swedish growers



15 Swedish potato growers had yesterday made their way to Sunds.
They participated in a workshop about storing potatoes. How does antisprouting affect the potatoes? Temperature variations, fluctuations in the sugar contents and in the whole structure of our storehouses and different storing methods. Many different ideas about storing was discussed.

All in all a hopefully instructive day, both for the growers, but certainly also for our company.

Harvest in the trialfield

Forsøget optagetWednesday 28. September we harvested our trialfield. Again this year HenrikJakobsen offered us to use some of his manpower and machinery, so we could harvest the potatoes in good conditions.

Update on the storing



On Monday arrived the first load with conventional potatoes and the last boxes of organic potatoes were also put into the storehouse on Tuesday. Now we are ready for the busy season with the storing. We hope that the weather keeps dry for a period, and the temperature somewhat lower.

The early harvest in Denmark

optagning af LR


The early harvest of the Danish Lady Rosetta has been going on for 3 weeks and will continue at full speed a few weeks ahead. The yield is not record-breaking but still respectable. The drymatter content is in the top end, but we need some sunshine and dry weather.

New crop

IMG_6750Now we got started with the new crop from the southern Germany. This means a busy time in the production after a quiet period. We started last Friday, which is 6 days earlier than last year. The quality is quite good, although they have some big challenges with a lot of rain in this area.


Trial field 2016

Forsøg 2016

Today we planted our trial field. There are 16 varieties in the trial. Now it will be interesting to follow the potatoes during the summer, and get them harvested, weighed and measured. Then we will store them, and during the winter and spring we will test their storage characteristics and frying color.


The storing is in progress


Since Wednesday. September 30. we have been recieving potatoes around the clock here in the company. It is the latest harvest of potatoes we have ever experienced. We have received the potatoes both night and day, so the farmers and drivers as far as possible can exploit the good weather conditions. Unfortunately, the rain came again this week and put a stop to the good conditions. We have approximately 70% of the warehouse filled, and now we only need some potatoes from field storage and most of the Verdi. The hope is now that the temperature does not get too low because the chips quality is destroyed by soil temperatures below 7 degrees.indlagring 15

The storage is full

fyldt lagerThe storage is full, we have even filled up the corridors. There are still a few farmers who have potatoes in field storage, they will be used in the near future. Our German breeders are still struggling to finish the harvest.