Trial field 2018

33 varieties of potatoes have now been put in the ground in our 2018 trial field. Again this year on site at Henrik Jakobsens farm. It will be exciting to follow all the varieties throughout the season. Thanks to Henrik for spending time and machines on such a lovely spring day

New development at Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S.

In order to be able to meet the increasing demand for organic potatoes for the chips and peeling industry, we are constructing a new building which contains storage facilities, as well as production facilities. The aim is to handle the organic part of our production and our production of peeling and French fry potatoes, in the new facilities.
The capacity of the new storage will be 58.000 Hkg in wooden boxes each containing 1800 kg. The storage will be equipped with room cooling and pressure ventilation between the boxes.
The new production plant is designed so we can handle peeling and French fry potatoes better, than we can in our existing plant, as we, among other things, get much better possibilities for size sorting, both on washed as well as unwashed potatoes. Thus we will be better capable of fulfilling the wishes from our customers.

Merry Christmas

Keeping up with the traditions, we had a Christmas party for all employees where we drink mulled wine and eat some æbleskiver. It is a good way to end the year and to wish our colleagues a merry christmas.



Here at last, all of us in Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S will say thank you for your cooperation in 2016 and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A broadcast on TV MIDTVEST

TV MIDTVEST was here to make recordings for the program Permanent job. They followed the employees and truckdrivers in their work during the day. The broadcast of our company was sent Friday. November 18.
You can watch the program here.

Video thumbnail for Fast Arbejde: Thorsens Chipskartofler

A visit of Mathildes motorcycle club


Tuesday. 20 September we had a visit of 25 motorcyclists from Mathilde MC Lidenlund, Lemvig. They were offered a cup of coffee and some cake, meanwhile they got a prensentation by Jannie and after that they had a guided tour in the  production. You can find a summary on their website by following this link.


Visit from Bygholm agricultural college

BygholmTuesday. May 31th. We had a visit by a team of students from Bygholm Agricultural college, which has an elective course that covers special crops. On this occasion they would like to learn a little about our company and the cultivation of crisp potatoes.

We started out with a presentation of the company, then we went out to see the production and finished the tour in the storage buildings.

There was a great curiosity and interest from the students and it is nice when we open the doors to sense that they can use it for something.

Employee tour

firmaturLast friday our staff association had arranged an event, all employees and their partners were invited. We started with a game of football golf, the weather was perfect for it, although we got really wet shoes. The winner of the match used 89 kicks while last place player used 332 kicks. The organizers had ensured that there was chocolate for both winner and loser. After this, we all went to Herning, where we had a nice evening.

Sunds Venstre

Venstre 235 members from the organisation Sunds Venstre showed up monday evening, to get a guided tour at Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S


It was a very pleasant evening, also the Mayor Lars Krarup came and reported on developments in Herning Municipality.

There were topics ranging from core welfare to the upcoming police school in Jutland, which was debated.

There was a keen curiosity among the participants, who hopefully got answers to all their questions.Venstre 1

Growers meeting

avlermøde1Friday January 22nd. we had invited all our growers to a farmers meeting.

Erik Thorsen started by talking about the last season, and how the market for crisping potatoes is right now,  then we went trough the results of the harvest from last year.
Ole Elkjær from Thoustrup Landbrug I/S had agreed to come and talk about due diligence and how to get dedicated employees. He got all the farmers attention, and they had a lot of questions after his presentation.
Tigran Richter from Norex Norika had taken the trip from Rostock to tell us about acrylamide in potatoes and how to grow the variety Kiebitz. Tigran gave us some good advice, which we will follow this year. We ended the day with danish smørrebrød and a good talk all growers in between.

Merry Christmas

julebillede glad


Thursday. December 17th. We had a Christmas party for all employees in the company. The party committee had arranged mulled wine and æbleskiver, after this we played bingo, where we could win some great prizes. We had a lot of fun. It was a good end to a good year.
All employees from Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.