Storing 2019

For the last 14 days we have stored organic peeling and french frie potatoes, it has been difficult this year with the sometimes inclement weather we have had.

Yesterday we started storing conventional crisping potatoes and the first Lady Claire was put in the bulk store.

We eagerly follow the breeders on the harvesters around Denmark and wish them a good harvest season, and hope for some good potato weather.

A visit from Swedish growers



15 Swedish potato growers had yesterday made their way to Sunds.
They participated in a workshop about storing potatoes. How does antisprouting affect the potatoes? Temperature variations, fluctuations in the sugar contents and in the whole structure of our storehouses and different storing methods. Many different ideas about storing was discussed.

All in all a hopefully instructive day, both for the growers, but certainly also for our company.

Growers meeting

avlermøde1Friday January 22nd. we had invited all our growers to a farmers meeting.

Erik Thorsen started by talking about the last season, and how the market for crisping potatoes is right now,  then we went trough the results of the harvest from last year.
Ole Elkjær from Thoustrup Landbrug I/S had agreed to come and talk about due diligence and how to get dedicated employees. He got all the farmers attention, and they had a lot of questions after his presentation.
Tigran Richter from Norex Norika had taken the trip from Rostock to tell us about acrylamide in potatoes and how to grow the variety Kiebitz. Tigran gave us some good advice, which we will follow this year. We ended the day with danish smørrebrød and a good talk all growers in between.

Christmas Party at Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S.

The annual christmas party was held 13. december at Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S. Lone and Jannie had been decorating the office building during the week, so it was ready for the 35 guests, who had agreed to participate in this festive event. There was served all sorts of good food that is traditional here in december, Jesper’s wife Charlotte had even made homemade chocolate sweets. After dinner the dance floor was used frequently. Those who didn´t feel the urge to dance got a lot of good talk in good company.

And with the great party in memory all the employees at Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S hereby wishes you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.


Transport of seed potatoes finish

Seed potatoes cannot handle frost, so the transport from the seed potato grower to the crisp potato grower has drawn out this year. Because it has been hard for the crisp potato growers to keep them frost free, and because the hauler could not transport them in all most whole march regarding the cold weather.

But the seed potato transport is finished now, and most growers have seeded the potatoes, about 2 weeks later than normal dough. The weather has been warmer at the latest,  and we hope that it can give the potatoes a good start of the growing season despite the late sowing.

First annual general meeting in the new organisation Danske Kartofler

30th January 2013 the new organisation Danske Kartofler is holding it’s first annual general meeting. It is an exiting program with many posts, and after the general meeting it is possible to hear about growing or marketing potatoes. See more at

Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S recommends all to meet this day, and to become a member of the organisation.

Christmas party

30th November was held Christmas party at Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S, where all employees and growers were invited. It was a very nice evening which started with good traditional Danish Christmas lunch. Subsequently were music and dance almost to the morning. There was a good talk between growers and employees about this almost ended year. The company was decorated with Christmas decorations and the picture below shows our humble Christmas tree the guests saw when they came. The picture also shows that the snow has fallen, and it raises the Christmas spirit among the employees in the company.

Growing season 2012

As always, this season has been different from others, it had an ending i haven’t experienced worse in the 30 years I have worked with potatoes.

We had a relative early start of the season the first potatoes were in the soil earlier than normal.

The summer had less sunshine hours than normal and more rain, but the rain was coming evenly without cloudbursts which destroys the potatoes.

Everything looked positive in August, despite the worry about less sunshine hours. The yields in crisp potatoes were measured higher than normal and the quality quite good, except for some late blight attacks.

In September we started storing organic potatoes with quite good weather conditions, but after the 10th September it was rain every day in Denmark. One measuring station measured 300 mm rain the following 5 weeks.

Normally the harvest of crisp potatoes is finish 1st October and all driving to storage are finished 10th October, but this year there has only been very few days with dry weather, and not enough to make the soil dry enough to harvest at just reasonable conditions. The part that was harvested was in a very bad durability.

Shortly after 10th October Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S and most growers decided to dry all potatoes just after harvest before handling and transport, which means that the potatoes were filled in trailers or containers with drying channels in the bottom mounted with fans. The air that was blown through were dried with heat in front of the fans. Hereby drying of the potatoes succeeded in very short time, despite harvesting at extreme wet conditions and at the same time very high humidity.

With this work demanding and expensive process, saving most of the potatoes it succeeded, but some areas were not harvested, because it was impossible to go there with the machines.

27th October the frost came to Denmark, luckily later than normal, afterwards it was over with harvesting crisp potatoes, because they can not be cooled under 8 degrees.

Thanks to a huge effort from suppliers, transport companies and employees it succeeded to save the harvest, but there are 10 % less potatoes in storage than expected.

This was a harvest season with huge costs, but as we always say in the potato business; “Next year is probably going to be better” fortunately it is a business with a big optimism and spirit of sacrifice.

Thank you for the support from customers, suppliers and other collaborators.


General meeting

General meeting in Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S were held friday 07.09.12.

The board and the directors report focused primarily on the recently completed investment of almost 26 million and the 5 year strategic plan that is established by the Board. There were only positive responses to the company’s 5-year strategic plan.

There was a very positive atmosphere and expressed great satisfaction with the years result that has according to the adopted annual report for 2011/2012 showed a profit of DKK 1,975,413 after tax. The result should be seen in light of a very difficult storage season and relatively low prices on the free market. At the same time were made ​​extraordinary depreciation of more than 1.2 million. because of the demolition of 3 older operating buildings.

It was decided to authorize the Board to increase the share capital by a nominal amount DKK 275,000, as part of its growth strategy.

The Board remains unchanged, which was re-elected all.