Portrait of the company.

IMG_5173Wednesday December 9. we had a visit from NNTV. NNTV is on behalf of the Danish Energy Agency started to produce some small portraits of smaller companies that has chosen to invest in various types of high-speed broadband. As a part of their work with the digitalisation of the company
The portraits should show why it can be profitable for small companies to invest in fast broadband, as well as the different technological solutions that may be relevant to the individual company to consider. Each portrait will consist of a short web film on 2-3 minutes duration and some written material (text and photo). The material to be used for an information campaign on broadband, which the Danish Energy Agency is planning to roll out in 2016. The material will be made available online, and we willl link to it from our website when it becomes possible.IMG_5174

Visit of Danespo employees

Monday April 22nd. the employees from Danespo visited Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S. The purpose of the visit was, that Danespos and our employees should gain better insight and understanding of, the different ways the two companies work, in order to better exploit the synergies that lies in the collaboration.

The visit started with coffee, during the coffee Erik Thorsen explained about the production at Thorsens Chipskartofler. Then there was a tour around the company. After the tour Steen Bitsch and Erik Thorsen in turns presented the two companies and the companies corporate culture. Hereafter the debate was open. The day ended with a cosy dinner.

The visit was a positive experience, where the participants got to know each other and the two companies better.



Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S hires productionmanager

Brian Møller Lauridsen on 43 is employed as productionmanager, in a new position at Thorsens Chipskartofler from April 2013.

Brian will primarily have the overview of the production cycle, from seedpotatoes through to the chipspotatoes are approved by the customer

Brian has worked as a production manager at Danespo and product manager at Axel Toft. The recent years, Brian has been managing director of VK potatoes in Vildbjerg.