Visit of Danespo employees

Monday April 22nd. the employees from Danespo visited Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S. The purpose of the visit was, that Danespos and our employees should gain better insight and understanding of, the different ways the two companies work, in order to better exploit the synergies that lies in the collaboration.

The visit started with coffee, during the coffee Erik Thorsen explained about the production at Thorsens Chipskartofler. Then there was a tour around the company. After the tour Steen Bitsch and Erik Thorsen in turns presented the two companies and the companies corporate culture. Hereafter the debate was open. The day ended with a cosy dinner.

The visit was a positive experience, where the participants got to know each other and the two companies better.




Monday 1st of October we had visit from √Ödalskolen located in Skive. They were coming 60 kids from 0. to 6. grade. The school had a theme about potatoes, so they wanted to see a company that worked with that product.

The students arrived in buses at 9.00 am, and then had a short beefing of Erik, where he told about how we get the crisp potatoes to the company, store, wash and sort them before they are driven to the crisp factories. When there was opportunity to ask questions, a little boy didn’t understand why we sent the potatoes to crisp factories, instead of making them ourselves. It gave some laughter. After the students had eaten their fruit, they all got a guided tour around the company, which gave some funny comments and faces. Some kids thought it smelled bad. They were very keen to ask during the tour, and when they were finish, they should work with the subject. Once again they had possibility to ask about what they have seen. The children were very interested in how many potatoes each box could store and how many crisps bags that was. The numbers gave them Christmas lights in their eyes.

After working with the subject they ate their lunch, and afterwards were served soft drinks and crisps. We tried to convince them that we only eat crisps for lunch, but they didn’t believe us.

All together it was an eventful day for us, and we know the students and teachers had some good experiences and information from here.

In the end the boys wanted to know if they could hold their birthday in the company. Because there were served crisps and soft drinks ūüėČ

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General meeting

General meeting in Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S were held friday 07.09.12.

The board and the directors report focused primarily on the recently completed investment of almost 26 million and the 5 year strategic plan that is established by the Board. There were only positive responses to the company’s 5-year strategic plan.

There was a very positive atmosphere and expressed great satisfaction with the years result that has according to the adopted annual report for 2011/2012 showed a profit of DKK 1,975,413 after tax. The result should be seen in light of a very difficult storage season and relatively low prices on the free market. At the same time were made ‚Äč‚Äčextraordinary depreciation of more than 1.2 million. because of the demolition of 3 older operating buildings.

It was decided to authorize the Board to increase the share capital by a nominal amount DKK 275,000, as part of its growth strategy.

The Board remains unchanged, which was re-elected all.