The “black line”

Now we finally reached so far with the new project that we are getting roads throughout the company with asphalt.

The new building is finished!

However, the machine companies still work with the machines and various small things, all while the “black line” between the buildings is being made by Colas.

We are looking forward to break in all the new stuff.

Verdi in Germany

Last week we were visiting some of our German growers. In the above picture you can see how Verdi looks in the field, you can see that they are 14 days further ahead in Germany.

Verdi is a relatively popular crisping variety in Germany because of the high drymatter and low sugar content.

The image below shows when they are sorting Verdi from the 2017 harvest in Germany.

Company visit

Throughout the past month, we have been fortunate to have visits by not less than 3 different groups who wanted to see our company.

We are happy to open our doors, and show the production and storhouses and give a presentation about our company.

We have had visits from many different groups, schools and associations.

Last month, Ulfborg Activity Center, Vinding Kultur & Velvære, and Senior Farmers, Herning, have been here.

Danish Lady Rosetta

We have processed Danish Lady Rosetta for 3 weeks. The yields are respectable and the quality is very good in most lots. But it’s not easy to get the fresh potatoes harvested, because of all the rain that has fallen. Today I witnessed how much our brave farmers and truckdrivers struggle, to deliver the potatoes we need.

Thank you to all of you for your great battle out there.

Delayed storing season

The storing season has finally started, we received the first load of organic potatoes for storing this Friday. This is 15 days later than last year.
The potatoes have been ready for harvesting for a while, but the large amounts of rain have prevented the growers from harvesting under the right conditions

The buildings are sold in Gadbjerg

davFrom 1st July 2017, FC Beton A/S has taken over the buildings in Gadbjerg from Scanax International A/S.
Scanax International A/S will of course continue its operation, from now on it is from Thorsens Chipskartofler A/S in Sunds.
We are looking forward to gathering all the activities in Sunds and look forward to continue the good cooperation with everyone.

Team Rynkeby Midt-Vest


Last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming Team Rynkeby’s Midt-West team. Paid us a visit to show off their beautiful clothes where our logo has found it´s way to the right thigh. 12 bicycle riders came by and thought the deposit was good enough to handle the final part of today’s stage.
The team was characterized by high spirits and great gratitude to all of their sponsors, which allows them to raise even more money for cancer-affected children.
We wish the whole Team Rynkeby a good trip to Paris.
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New crop

nye lr

We have started the production with new potatoes from Germany. The first trucks were ready to unload Sunday morning. After a less busy period in the production, the new potatoes have started some activity. At the same time there will be some production from the old crop from 2016 harvest in the next week as well.


Upgrade on the water treatment plant

20170405_142024In order to minimize the water consumption in our production, we have now invested in an upgrade of our water treatment plant.

Since we invested in the water treatment plant in 2012, the plant has not contributed as much to the saving of water as we hoped for. Besides that it has also been difficult to adjust the plant so it could run without problems. Therefore the board decided to invest in an upgrade of the plant.

One part of the upgrade consists of automatization done by flowmeters and turbidity measurements. The other part consists of a belt filter press with buffer tanks and pumps in order to dewater the sludge.

The upgrade has been delivered and installed by WAM Watertech.

Our production responsible Ingus have looked forward to having a well-functioning water treatment plant. Now we can just hope it will live up to our expectations.