Update on storage building

We are now more than 50% done with the concrete floor ducts. The construction company will begin putting up steel frames in week 15 and then it will soon begin to look like a storage. We with everyone a happy easter and we are looking forward to the next update on the project.

Early crop Lady Rosetta

Our early crop Lady Rosetta in Germany have now been planted and covered with plastic. We hope for good weather conditions for the potatoes, so we hopefully will have a good harvest later this year.

Early crop Lady Rosetta planted and covered with plastic in Hagen.

New storage building 2021

We are beginning to see the development of the construction. The concrete around the bunker has now been cast and the concrete floor ducts are also being cast. We can see a big difference every day and we are looking forward to when the steel frames will be put up and we then can see the shape of the entire building. We expect this will happen in week 14 and we hope that the weather will be on our side.

They are filling concrete in the floor ducts
The new bunker has been cast and everything is beginning to come together

Update on the new storage building

It is time to give an update on the building of the new storage. The groundwork is now done and they have started the foundation work. We have been lucky with the weather so far and we hope this continues. We are following the building closely and will continue to give updates when its time for the next step.

New storage 2021

We are happy to announce that we on the 4th of January 2021 have started building a new storage with room for approximately 12.000 tons with a receiving station. The project has been in the plans for a long time and therefore we are excited that we have now started with the groundwork. The storage will be finished in September 2021 so it is ready to use in the storing season.
We expect that the new storage will contribute to securing our supply and that a new receiving station will result in shorter waiting time for the drivers in the busy periods. We will continue to give updates on the building process.

The storage is full

Our storages are now full and we have even filled the driveways. The storing period has been good this year and shows signs of a good harvest. Our yield is actually approx. 5% higher than in a normal season. This year we have many potatoes stored at our farmers, because we no longer have enough storing capacity.

Storing 2020

A clean storage box that is ready to be filled with potatoes

It is now time for storing. We have started storing organic and conventional potatoes. Everyone is working hard in order to get as much as possible in our storages before the temperature gets too low and the rain arrives.

Potatoes are now stored

This year we have used a lot of ressources on cleaning our storage, because CIPC has been forbidden. We are still waiting for a permission to apply a new solution. It is very frustrating that we have started storing, without knowing if it is possible to keep them in storage until next summer.


Every year we have a very busy period to ensure that we have knowledge about quality and yield on our contract areas. This knowledge is very important and basic, in order to get the potatoes disposed as good as possible within the season.

The past few weeks our agro department has visited most of our growers and collected samples from all the fields. It has resulted in a big amount of samples, which the quality department have analyzed.
The picture shows samples from a regular day in the field, so they are quite busy at the moment.

New season

We enjoy that we have started a new season, where we have had German Lady Rosetta until August, where we now have all Danish potatoes.

Our agro team is currently driving to the fields and is taking samples. They are currently happy about their observations.

A loaded truck with Lady Rosetta ready for departure.

The organic trial field

Our agro department often visits our trial fields. Their latest report of the organic trial field is that there is a big difference between the different varieties that we have in trial. As seen on the pictures below, some varieties are dead from mold while others are looking really good and does not have any mold. We will watch the field closely and we are excited to see the final results of our trial.