Growers meeting

avlermøde1Friday January 22nd. we had invited all our growers to a farmers meeting.

Erik Thorsen started by talking about the last season, and how the market for crisping potatoes is right now,  then we went trough the results of the harvest from last year.
Ole Elkjær from Thoustrup Landbrug I/S had agreed to come and talk about due diligence and how to get dedicated employees. He got all the farmers attention, and they had a lot of questions after his presentation.
Tigran Richter from Norex Norika had taken the trip from Rostock to tell us about acrylamide in potatoes and how to grow the variety Kiebitz. Tigran gave us some good advice, which we will follow this year. We ended the day with danish smørrebrød and a good talk all growers in between.